Montgomery/Greene County


For your health and safety, authorities may order an evacuation. If you hear a community warning siren or a public address announcement from a vehicle on your street, turn on your radio or TV and listen for instructions. You will be told about the emergency and where to go for shelter. Your local government will arrange public transportation if you cannot drive yourself or share a ride with a neighbor. If you are disabled or ill and unable to comply with an evacuation order without special transportation (emergency squad), phone your local fire or police emergency number and request assistance.

  • Take with you, all prescription medicine and supplies you use on a daily basis (this includes oxygen, needles, etc.);
  • If you have small children, take bottles, formula, diapers, and a favorite small toy;
  • If time permits, take along one set of comfortable clothing for each member of your family. If you stay at a Red Cross shelter, there will be cots, blankets, comfort kits (toothbrush, soap, etc.), food, first aid, nursing assistance, and information;
  • If you have a dog, cat, or caged bird, take it with you to the Red Cross Shelter. The Health Department does not allow pets in shelters, but arrangements have been made with the Montgomery and Greene County Animal Shelters to pick up, house, and feed pets during the emergency evacuation. You are responsible for picking up your pet when the evacuation order is lifted. If your pet is without a required license, you will have to buy a license when you pick it up.
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