Montgomery/Greene County

Evacuation Checklist

When you hear the warning siren or public address announcement:

  • Keep your radio or TV on and listen for instructions;
  • Do not use the phone unless you have a medical emergency or fire;
  • Before you leave, turn off air circulation systems;

1.  Close and lock windows and exterior doors;

2.  Turn off your air conditioner or furnace. You may be told to extinguish the pilot light on your water heater and gas stove. Pilot lights can ignite flammable gasses. Find out where and how to turn off these pilot lights and show all members of your family;

3.  Turn off your clothes dryer.

4.  Close the damper on your fireplace.

  • Collect and pack all currently prescribed medication and related medical supplies such as oxygen, hypodermic needles, etc. Bring with you the name of your doctor and pharmacy if you will need to have any prescriptions filled prior to returning home;
  • If time permits, pack a change of comfortable clothing for each family member;
  • Be sure to bring identification showing your current street address. If your driver's license, State ID card, or welfare card is not current, you can use a bill mailed to you at your current address;
  • Follow evacuation orders given on the radio or TV;
  • MGCLERC is the local committee, with members from public emergency response agencies and local businesses, that is responsible for developing, enforcing, and exercising the local emergency response plan that would be used in the event of a chemical emergency.
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